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Apostle Tyrone Thompson - Senior Pastor

He's also known as Jamaica's fast talking DJ "Papa San". He lives in Weston, Florida with his children (6) and his wife, Debbie Thompson. of 30+ years. Born in 1967 in Kingston, Jamaica he was raised by in Spanish Town his grandmother and began performing with sound systems (including Black Scorpio and Creation) in the early 1980's. He went on to become one of the major dancehall artists of the early 1980's, with hits such as "Maddy Maddy Cry". 

While he began performing in the early 1980's he did not turn to Christianity until 1997 after experiencing many tragic life-changing experiences years leading up until then. Upon becoming Christian, he started a campaign – Papa San and Friends to raise funds for rural orphanages for children in Jamaica. Today he is now an ordained Apostle. With what first started out as Bible Study in their living room, in 2010, Papa San and his wife, having been ordained ministers of the Gospel, were launched into pastoral ministry and started Our Fathers Kingdom Ministries International. No matter where he is, he's always on the phone preaching to someone or delivering kind words of wisdom. 

​God has truly anointed him. a recent quote from an interview: “I have gotten so much great responses and it is only increasing. My wife and I have seen thousands of people come to Christ at our concert. Some come to our shows just to see what it would be like to hear a gospel message to dancehall music. Many of them have been shocked – in a good way – at what they have heard, and have gotten saved in the process.” – Papa San.

​Senior Pastor Debbie Thompson

Born in Spanish Town, Jamaica in 1969 and lives in Weston, Florida with her husband Tyrone "Papa San" Thompson and their children. In 2010 having being ordained ministers of Gospel, Debbie and her husband Tyrone Thompson, were launched into pastoral ministry and started Our Fathers Kingdom International Ministries.  

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Pastoral Team

Pastor Charles DuFour - Associate/Administrative Pastor

​A devoted Man of God. Pastor Charles was born and raised in Kingston Jamaica. and migrate to the United States in 1979. Having been ordained 10 years ago and with other churches, Pastor Charles has been with Our Father's Kingdom Ministries for the past year and a half. 

Pastor Alison Maduro - Associate Pastor

​A devoted Man of God. Pastor Alison (Al) born and raised in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. He migrate to the United States in 1983. He's been a Pastor the past nine years. He's been with Our Father's Kingdom Ministries since 2014.

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Ministerial Team

Minister Karla Gardner

Treasurer/Director-Finance Ministry

​Lives in Sunrise, Florida, with her husband Minister Orett Gardner and their 3 children. Born in Kingston Jamaica, she was raised as a catholic in Old Harbour, St. Catherine Jamaica. She migrate to the U.S. at a tender age of 13, where she met her husband in 1987. The two became one in 1991 and the union produced 3 beautiful children who are also baptized and attend the church they grew up with their grandmother. Karla and Orett attended Grace Baptist Church in Mount Vernon,N Y before relocating to Sunrise, FL in 2002. In 2012 after trying to find a church family, she was introduced to OFK Ministries by her elder brother and to date she was baptized again by Pastor Tyrone Thompson in 2013. Her duties with the church as been a blessing. She oversees the finances of the church as well as a right hand to Apostle Tyrone and his wife Pastor Debbie Thompson. She's very dedicated to the ministry and always go above and beyond the call of duty.

Minister Orett Gardner

​Head of Help Ministry, Usher Team

​Lives in Sunrise, Florida with his wife of 26+ years Min Karla Gardner. Born in Manchester, Mandeville Jamaica, he was brought up in the Baptist Church and he and his family built a church in their community known S.A.L.E.M Church. He migrated to the states in 1985 where he met the love of his life in 1987. The two became one in 1991 and the union produced 3 beautiful children. He relocated to Florida in 2002 to pursue a career in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. In 2012 he and his wife became a part of the OFK Family. He's the head of our Help Ministry as well as the Hospitality & Usher Team and make sure that the church is always ready and prepared for service every Sunday and Wednesday. He's a devoted, dedicated and anointed Man of God. Our church is blessed to have them both.

Minister Ethnie Ferguson


​At the invitation of a Pastor hosting a street meeting in Kingston, Jamaica, Ethnie dedicated her life to the Lord Jesus Christ. She became a member of the OFK Fellowship in 2013 and desires to impact others into having a relationship with Christ through her life. Ethnie has had various experiences that challenged and strengthened her faith and encourages herself in the word of God. She loves learning, being with other believers in fellowship and prayer, enjoys reading and working with her hands and appreciates the value of family and great friends. Above all, fulfilling the will of God is her main purpose.

Minister Tara Rutty

Hospitality Team

​Lives in Plantation, Florida Tara has been with Our Father's Kingdom Ministry since 2011, a devoted woman of God.

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